Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Sign

The Booze Fighters came through for us again. When our old A frame sign mysteriously disappeared it was replaced by a wonderful new one donated by our guys in San Diego. ?

AKA Frogman to us and Charlie Bailey Jr. AKA Rebel accompanied by Dozzer delivered the new sign Thursday 8-30th. We had a great time together. Dozzer acted like he owned the place. We always look forward to visits from our Boozefighter Buddies and it's great when they bring presents like our new sign.

Thanks again fella's. We can't wait to see you again.

Delta Company & Wolfy

We have some great friends at Johnny's that are headed for Iraq. The Delta Company 1st/ 185 Brigade Combat Team all met at Johnny's on August 11th for a send off party. Here's a slideshow link to the party pics. Since we were having new carpet and linolium installed the party was held on our patio. I decided that Wolfy our Johnny's mascot who has been on a variety of road trips with Johnny's personel should go along for a big adventure. Wolfy has been to Oregon with Sylvia, Santa Maria for a bike show with me and Sacramento for a great wedding. This trip will be hard to top. The Delta team will be taking him more places than I can mention on the way to Iraq. He will be accomanied by SFC Cole, SSGT Basilo, SSGT Mendoza, SGT Le, SGT Preston, SP4 Fuentes, SP4 Mctyre and SP4 Ramirez. They have promised to look out for Wolfy as well as their team and keep us updated with photos and stories. I am hoping that this blog site will be a good way to keep track of our guys and keep up on how they are doing. This is the second and even third tour for some of them. We can not thank them enough for their dedication to our beautiful country. We should all be praying for their safety and welfare. I am looking forward to pictures and updates soon.

God Bless you guys and God Bless America.