Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Town Hall Meeting

Tonight I attended the town hall meeting hosted by Congressmen Sam Farr. I have never really been a fan. His voting reputation when it comes to issues regarding small business in California is not one that I agree with. But, God Bless him he has held more town meetings than most of his fellow legislators. In fact 67% of Congress is too scared to hold town hall meetings. With everything I've seen on You Tube and the news I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I have to say San Benito County residents were very civil and well behaved. With the exception of a few outbursts from real riled up citizens it was a peaceful gathering of people with very diversified opinions. Mr. Farr was very congenial even when being yelled at. I may not agree with his politics but as a person he is OK with me. It's hard to say which way the crowd was leaning but it seemed to me that there were a lot more people worried about the government running our health care system than there were those willing to see them try. Don't get me wrong, I know the system is broken. It needs an overhaul. But in my humble opinion more government control is not what this country needs. Haven't they screwed things up enough?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fourth of July: A Sentimental Success

Thanks to the Boozefighters we enjoyed the 4th of July weekend despite the loss of revenue we experienced because of the cancellation of the rally. I am so thankful for our pals. They mean more to us at Johnny’s than I can say. We started seeing the green and white shirts and vests on Thursday July 2nd. By Friday morning the bar was full of Boozefighters enjoying the chicken fried steak and eggs smothered in country gravy. Wind and Fire, a motorcycle club comprised of fire fighters also enjoyed the camaraderie, spicy Bloody Marys and good food. So many of the wonderful bikers I spoke with told me that as far as they are concerned Hollister is and always will be a tradition.

Friday night Los High Tops rocked the house. There was a lot of dancing going on and a great time was had by all. Those smart Boozefighters had vans with designated drivers to take them to and from Johnny’s and Bolado Park so they wouldn’t have to worry about drinking and driving.

Saturday started off with another busy breakfast. In the afternoon I noticed that we had quite a gathering of Boozefighters on the patio so I went to check it out. To my surprise they called me to join Snowman at Wino Willie’s monument and presented me with a trophy. Every year the group bestows a replica of the trophy that Johnny “Marlon Brando” won in the movie the Wild Ones to someone that has meant a lot to them. I was surprised and overwhelmed. Saturday night the BF’s had a band playing at Bolado so we had a quiet evening. As soon as it got dark we had our own fireworks show in the ally next to the bar. It was fun but when it was over I realized we were having the quietest July 4th that I can remember, with the exception of 2006.

Sunday the Northern California Chapter set up camp again with their Custom Springer Softtail on a trailer in front of the bar. Lot’s of raffle tickets were purchased that went to help the Friends of Nevada County Military, a wonderful non profit group that does great things to support the troops and their families in their community.

Our good friend Steamer from the local Marina chapter made a beautiful display case for Wino’s ashes to replace the old one that has been proudly hanging at the front door of the bar for the last twelve years. In Boozefighter style we turned the changing of the case into a full blown event. Coach, also from the Marina chapter meticulously removed everything from the old case so that it could be placed in the new one. I told him that he has the hands of a surgeon. I was a nervous wreck because the picture in the case is the only one that I have of Willie during his July 4th 1996 visit to Johnny’s. The transfer went off without a hitch. Before putting Wino’s urn into its new home every Boozefighter in the building touched the top of it. It was an emotional and touching moment. Without realizing it I was wiping the tears that threatened to roll down my face. We all toasted Willie with the “Boozefighters Up!” call and the party continued.

The Softtail was supposed to be raffled off at 5:00 p.m.. Because ticket sales had been so successful and our BF’s were real tired it was drawn at 3:00 p.m.. Dago, the only original Boozette I know, pulled the winning ticket. She was hoping it was hers and I was hoping it was mine but the lucky winner was Andy Anderson of Grass Valley California. Things pretty much wound down after the raffle and wesaid a sad goodbye to all of our friends. We look forward to seeing them all again next year as well as all year long.

Charisse Tyson (owner Johnny’s Bar & Grill)