Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jeana's Party

A great time was had by all Friday night. We celebrated Jeana's birthday. She has been with us since day one and she is a huge blessing to Johnny's. Her brothers all flew in from back east. We had a great meal that included Paul's famous barrel BBQ, my award winning chili and salad and bread wooped up by our Rey. The cake was great as long as you didn't consume one of the balloons. I'm still trying to get the black off of my tongue. We drank purple hooters and sang Karaoke. Some of our Boozefighter buddies even showed up. The new recruit did all the dishes for us. He didn't let dish pan hands keep him from singing a song with me. I can't tell you what we sang and I'm at a loss to remember his name. Too many purple hooters I guess. My feet swelled up so bad that I couldn't get my boots on to sing my standard birthday song. I couldn't let Jeana's 50th birthday go by without doing it so I sang These Slippers Are Made for Walking. It was wayyy too much fun. Check out our website to see the rest of the pictures.

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Yvonne said...

It was one of the best birthday parties I have ever been to- What a wonderful way to celebrate turning the big 50- Happy Birthday Jeana