Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wolfy Update!

Email from our guys in Iraq direct to Johnny's - very cool stuff! We received this note today along with the 3 photos.

"Hello Johnny's,
Sorry some of the pics are taking so long just really busy here. Wolfy has been all over from Wisconsin,Maine,Illinois, Ireland to Kuwait. Here in Iraq Wolfy has been running patrols in Tikrit,Kirkuk,Mosul,Balad,Bahji,Tahji,Ramadi,and Falluja.. Wolfy is doing well and is our good luck charm. We have survived GUN FIRE,RPG, and IED attacks from the insurgents. Wolfy is now a combat vet.. All the guys are doing well and hang in here just counting down to go home to our families. We are all sad to here about BUD MAN our prays go out to his family. I will send more when I get a chance the Internet here is really slow and takes forever to attach pics to the emails. Thanks for letting us use him. Hope to be home soon to have a beer with all of you guys a Johnny's."

We are thankful for your service and for taking your valuable time to keep us updated! Stay safe guys! & go Wolfy!

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Cig said...

You guys are heros in my opinion! Your sacrifices are so huge - we just hope to see all of you back in town and back at Johnny's SOON!!