Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Historical Monument erected to honor Wino Willie

On Saturday April 4th the Monterey Viejo chapter of E Clampus Vitus erected a historical monument to honor "Wino" Willie Folkner. If you don't know who he was you are either real new to the biker community or you've been hiding under a rock. We had a real good time with our Clamper pals and the Boozefighters that showed up to witness the occasion. It was a real interesting procedure to witness.

I will have all of the details for you after the dedication this Saturday April 11th. I enjoyed my visit with Terry, Wino's daughter most of all. She had so many great stories to share. One day I'll pick her brain and we'll write a book together. Come on down Saturday for a roaring good time with lots of Boozefighters and Clampers, there's a wild combo. There will be plenty of ice cold beer, a great BBQ and lots of photo opportunities. You won't want to miss this party.

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KT Did said...

Cheers to Wino Willie and his lengendary commitment to the riders of America! He is the original.