Saturday, June 6, 2009

4th of July in Hollister!

In the midst of our preparations for what promises to be a ROCKIN' 4th of July weekend this year, we wanted to reach out to all you bikers and enthusiasts and hear your comments about what is, and is not, officially happening this year in Hollister.

What about the City's "de-sanctioning" (a term we've heard around town) of this year's motorcycle rally?

How do the folks who have attended the previous years' rallies feel about it? And of course there are the local people - residents and businesses - what does it mean for them?

Are your friends and fellow bikers talking about this?

Could this year signal a return to a more traditional way of recognizing and celebrating the birthplace of the American biker - Where It All Began?!

After all, people are still going to be coming to downtown Hollister, and people are still looking for alternatives like the Gypsy Tour Motorcycle Classic at Bolado Park for places to enjoy their time, spend their money and have fun!

We'll have more information for you as the weekend draws closer. And we would sure like to hear your opinion.


Anonymous said...

Whats going on at Bolero Park

Staff said...

Bolado Park is the site if this year's Gypsy Tour Motorcycle Classic. It runs July 3-5, has ample camping space and is advertising that they will have entertainment all weekend long. You can get more details at the event's website: GTMC Bolado Park.

From Bolado Park, it's about a 10 minute ride to downtown Hollister, and of course Johnny's!

AMLAWE96 said...

Just wanted to shout out a BIG THANK YOU for such a fun Night!! I am new to Hollister and brought a friend to Johnny's Friday. We had a blast, everyone was very welcoming and Karioke was very entertaining. Thanks also to Cat the Bartender for calling the cab and making sure we got home safe! Cant wait till next Friday.
You have a New Loyal customer!

CAT said...

Thanks for the great feed back. We are glad that you had a good time. I'll be sure to let Kat know that she made your night. We love our loyal customers, new and old.

Anonymous said...

Johnny's is truly Biker heaven, had a great time there, will be back again & again, as the Bikers made me feel at home.

This place is historical, good fun, good people, the folks there made me feel at home, True Southern hospitality here.