Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Johnny's Hollister Idol" by Tambra

Hello Everyone...
Thought you might like this little poem I wrote and posted on facebook :)
Based on a weekly ordeal Cathy and I face every go...or not to go. haha!!! And then the never easy decision..WHAT to wear!
Thought you might enjoy it.

"Johnny's Hollister Idol"

Karaoke, gawkers, dancers, drinkers singles on the hunt...
Some of Hollisters finest are hanging around out front...
A place indeed where everyone knows your name..
You might wonder why we head there, Thus goes our game.......

While you are in the shower put your voice to the test...
Do your hair and your makeup...Oh, forget about the rest.
Try on a million shirts amid the shrieks and screams...
Grab your dancin' shoes and your fave pair of jeans.

Drive across town to meet all your karaoke buds,
Enjoying a glass of wine or a beer with lottsa suds.
We dance and sing to songs we haven't heard in years.
We seem to HEAR good when we SING all those beers...

Karaoke @ Johnny's the way to end a long week
Dance, relaxing and laughing is exactly what we seek.
Cowboys, Bikers and Hollister girls sing their favorite tune,
A bunch of crazy "Johnny Idols" just howling at the moon...

See ya there..or BE Square :)))
Don't know the way?..Follow the topless mitsibishi with the C.ville pumpkin bumper sticker!! That will be me and Cathy en route!!!! Come see what all the fuss is about

Tambra Nunley
May 14, 2009

We at Johnny's, without a doubt, adore our people!

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