Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What A Rush!

I did it. I went skydiving, tandem of course for the first time. It was awesome. The folks at Adventure Center Diving here in Hollister were great. There is a bit of standing around and waiting but the ride is well worth the wait. My instructor Mako was wonderful. He has over 1000 jumps under his belt. He made me feel very comfortable and confident. The scariest part for me was the ride to 15,000 feet in a little plane with fourteen other people. I'm a claustrophobic you see. The climb seemed like it took quite a while and I was pretty much white knuckling it all the way. Once that door was open I felt great again. I worried about being scared when I was waiting to jump out of the door but I can tell you there is really no time to think about it. You are at the door and then you're out flying around in the big blue sky. Even Mako said we could not have picked a better day to jump. It was beautiful. Brian my video photographer did a wonder job. My only regret is that I didn't look up during the free fall. They say it is only a minute but it sure seemed longer than that. I was afraid to move my head much for fear of losing my goggles or bonking Mako with my head but I now know that neither thing would have happened. I'm going to go back and do it again as soon as I can afford to. I'll request the same team and this time I'll see more of the world by looking up.

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Teresa M Burrell said...

That's incredible! Growing up I always wanted to parachute but never got the opportunity. Now I'm too chicken...the best I can do is hot-air ballooning. It's a wonderful experience without the rush.

Good for you, Charisse. Keep following your dreams.