Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A wild and fun filled week

It's been a busy week with lots of events and a great time was had by all. New Years Eve was awesome. We stayed busy all day and a record breaking 45 people joined us for dinner. We had a fantastic Karaoke with lots of singing and dancing. I had the unusual pleasure of having a lot of family here to ring in the New Year with. Hollister Taxi did their best to keep up; they had four cars and a van for larger groups, but when a driver flaked on them at the last minute it threw everything off. People waited for a long time for their rides and my family's non-drinkers jumped in and helped which resulted in a hilarious video. Hollister Taxi owner Liz felt terrible about the slow response time. I know how it feels to have people you are counting on back out on you at the last minute. I suffered severely because of just that problem through many motorcycle rallies. Thanks Liz for doing your best. We love you. It was one of the best New Years Eves ever and I want to thank all of the wonderful people that joined us. We hope you'll be back next year.

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