Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Party a huge success!

Our annual Christmas party and white elephant gift exchange was the best one ever with over 50 gifts exchanged. It took quite a while to finish but we had a ball and everyone stayed for Karaoke afterwards.

We kept Hollister Taxi hopping all evening. A big shout out goes to Liz and her crew for taking such good care of all of us. Speaking of which; if you're coming to Johnny's to join us for our New Years Eve bash, dinner or both call our friends at Hollister Taxi and it's only $10.00 round trip from anywhere in Hollister.

And don't forget to come down New Years Day for our Giant's party. We're petitioning the Giant's to add Hollister to their World Series Trophy Tour. Bring an inspirational letter and join us for free chili dogs and pizza and be a part of the video and pictures we're sending to the team.

On Sunday January 2nd we're having our anniversary party celebrating 17 years as owners of Johnny's. Paul Z is doing his magic with his barrel BBQ and good friends are bringing side dishes. We'll see if our 49ers can win one with their interim coach, sadly Singletary just couldn't get the job done.

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