Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great St. Patty's Day

A good time was had by all on March 17th at Johnny's. Speaking of the 17th, that's how many Saint Patrick's Days I've had at Johnny's. Time flies when you're having fun. We sold 39 orders of corned beef and cabbage at lunch and the 60 pounds I cooked to give away to my faithful friends was gone in thirty five minutes. We were so packed it felt like the 4th of July when we used to have a rally. Shane was a patient man. It took awhile to move all of the tables loaded with people so he could set up for Karaoke. And folks were great about being asked to move too. We needed a dance floor after all. As usual I saw people I haven't seen since last years festivities but we saw a lot of new faces too. Enjoy the photo's and we'll hope to see you Sunday for the benefit for baby Scarlett. We're serving great BBQ dinners from noon until the food runs out and have a raffle too with all proceed going to help fund her surgeries.

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