Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arkansas here I come!

I'm headed to Little Rock Arkansas for the Boozefighters Spring National Convention.
I attended the National in Reno the past two years and had a ball and I debated traveling so far for this years extravaganza. The Boozefighters and Boozettes that I met in Reno from Arkansas made the invitation irresistable. They paid for my good buddy Dago's flight and room and we'll be celebrating her 81st birthday on Thursday. Dago was nice enough to let me bunk with her, even though me and a few Boozefighters woke her up at 4:00 am with a mini party last year. She's a real sport.
BFMC Chapter 66 has been so gracious already that I know they'll be treating us ladies like royalty. The Boozefighters are always so good to me and the entire Johnny's team and I love having the privleadge of hanging out with them and enjoying their company at the National. I promise to have lots of stories and pictures for you on my return. As always, Boozefighters Up!

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